Julie G. Hartman, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Lic. # 28202

Young Adults
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  • Different from therapy and coaching.
  • Helpful when you are not sure whether to do therapy, coaching, or another process in order to improve a specific problem. A consultant will help identify the key information and aid you in making a decision about next steps - called an ACTION PLAN.
  • Psychologists know from research that if too much time lapses between the consultation and taking action, the person will not do the required work in order to change.
  • Take the time to put into practice what your consultant and you have decided. Notice where it works and where it doesn't. Then keep modifying by trial and error yourself and/or with follow-up consultations until you have a system that fits you perfectly.
  • Consultation may involve one session, several sessions, and/or follow-up sessions in order to fine-tune the action plan.
Below are a few examples of how a consultant may be right for you. In all cases, a consultant will help you clarify the complexities of a problem(s) and provide you with an action plan:
  • You have recently decided to take a semester off from college and are not sure what to do with your life.
  • You have had the blues on and off for a while since you graduated from college. You have been questioning what to do with your life now that the "job world" has begun.
  • You have been unhappy with the jobs you've tried and aren't sure what to do to get happy with a job.

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