Julie G. Hartman, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Lic. # 28202

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Consultations for Parents of Children (ages 6-12)

A common question: "what should I do about my child?"

Consultations for parents is different
from therapy.

Parent Consultations help the parent(s) come up with alternative solutions, perspectives, possibilities, and relationship styles that 'unlock' old patterns that weren't working and create fresh ideas, less anxiety, and more fun, back into parenting the child.

Parent Consultation is a great place to start if you are not sure whether your child needs therapy or another process in order to improve a specific problem. A consultation will help identify the key information and aid you in making a decision about next steps.

Common themes include good habits, rewards/consequences, following rules, family stress, and how to extend the child's therapy benefits into the home environment.

Psychologists know from research that if too much time lapses between the consultation and taking action, the person will not do the required work in order to change.

Take the time to put into practice information you deem valuable from the consultation. Notice where it works and where it doesn't. Then keep modifying by trial and error and consider follow-up consultations until you have a system that fits.

Parent Consultation may involve one session, several sessions, and/or follow-up sessions in order to fine-tune the action plan.

The session(s) may or may not involve your child at some point.