Julie G. Hartman, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Lic. # 28202

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Services for Preschoolers

When there is a persistent question or concern about the preschooler's happiness or behavior that needs further understanding, parent-child psycotherapy should be considered.

In many cases, a preschool-aged child is referred to Dr. Hartman for her particular techniques, style, or specialty areas:

  • specialty providing parent-child therapy with preschoolers ages 2 - 6

  • in the comfort of preschooler's home with primary parent(s)

  • free-form and structured Play/Art Therapy
  • Work based upon Attachment Theory/Attachment Parenting

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques

Common issues Dr. Hartman treats are difficulties with transitions, impulsivity, power struggles, sibling issues, social skills, anxiety, phobias, OCD, depression, divorce, family stress, obedience/defiance, ADHD, and adjustment.

Sometimes, Parent Consultation
is a useful way to improve a preschooler's problems and facilitate healthy child development. Common themes are family harmony, good habits, rewards/consequences, motivation, and rules.

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Contact Dr. Hartman to discuss ways she may be able to help you/your preschooler.